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The coastal summer resorts in Syria are numerous.Scattered on the hills and the mountains near the sea, they boast fresh air, cool weather in summer and moderate weather in winter.Some of these summer resorts are:

  • Slenfeh:

50 km east of Latakia and 1200 m above sea-level. It has spectacular scenery and lovely weather.

  • Kasab :

65 km north of Lattakia, located on the Aqra' mountain amongst woods and thickets, 800 m above sea-level. The road leading to it from Lattakia is one of the most beautiful in Syria. It runs through woods and meadows of wild flowers and groves of olive and pine, orchards of apple trees leading to the beautiful forest of Frulloq.

  • Salma :

Situated 12 km from Slenfeh and 800 m above sea-level. It is characterized by moderate climate and pure mineral water.

  • Draykish :

  • A lovely town, 29 km from Tartus, situated on a mountain covered with olive trees which overlook the sea. It has a reputation for its well-known mineral water. It has several hotels and camping sites.


    Located 50 km east of Banyas, 400 m above sea-level. Most important in it is the Arab citadel (qal'at Misyaf) which was captured by the Crusaders in 1103, but recovered by the Arabs in 1140.This citadel is surrounded by orchard of fig, almond and pomegranate trees.

      Wadi Al Oyoun:

    A beautiful summer resort with a multitude of small springs and several hotels and camping sites.


    10 km south of Draykish, 35 km east of Tartus and 380 m above sea-level, Safita is surrounded by hills covered with olive trees and flowers on all sides.

    The present-day town with its tiled roofs stands on the side of the fortress that was called 'Castle Le Blanc' by the Crusaders.

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